Getting married?

Why not consider tying the knot in an exotic locale away from your hometown?

Nicaragua’s got my vote and here are 6 great reasons why:

1. Do the Math

You can’t ignore the low price tag of a destination wedding in Nicaragua.  Run the numbers and you’ll probably find that traveling to Nicaragua with your partner and close loved ones will cost much less than the typical 150 guest wedding on your home turf.  Many resorts in Nicaragua offer attractive all-inclusive wedding packages combining lodging, dining, wellness services and a memorable celebration. Even after you add the cost of air-fare for friends and family, the expenses could easily be less than saying “I do” in the US.  For example, check out this unbelievable wedding deal from Villas de Palermo starting at just $1,000.

2. Quality Time with Your Loved Ones 

How many times have you heard the bride wish for more time with friends and family on the actual wedding day? No day flies by faster than the “big one”. You can’t make it last forever, but you can stretch the event out for a few days and enjoy the unique activities that Nicaragua offers. Instead of a typical reception dinner, why not take to the sea and enjoy a catamaran sail along Nicaragua’s picturesque coastline of sandy white beaches. Or saddle up at Rancho Chilamate and horseback ride through an eco-reserve to an undiscovered beach – wading across rivers and galloping through the waves. The memories you make on your destination wedding will last a lifetime if you choose adventure over a classic affair.

3. Abandon Tradition

Let’s be honest, the Cinderella style wedding tradition is a little outdated. While it’s wonderfully dreamy for some, it’s not relatable or even possible for many. For second marriages or same-sex unions, a traditional wedding might highlight painful memories, stress broken families or simply create unnecessary drama. Letting go of expectations and re-inventing new traditions offers a new promise of hope and love.

4. Totally Unique Wedding Photos

Who doesn’t want the best wedding photos ever? Saying your vows abroad provides photo opportunities with stunning natural backdrops, charming antique architecture and exotic flora & fauna.  Just take a look at the Trash the Photos taken by Two of You Photography. These Nicaraguan based photographers have an eye for beauty and a heart for Nicaragua.

5. The Flavor of Nicaragua

It almost goes without saying, the ingredients of a wedding in Nicaragua are wild and wonderful. Cigar rolling stations, fully costumed folklore dancers and great live Latin music are just a few of the treasures on offer.  But the glitter doesn’t end there.  Beach bonfires, tiki-torches, fresh coconut water and fireworks can be sprinkled on top of your celebration to make the day extra special.

6. A Place You’ve Only Ever Dreamed Of

If a one-of-a-kind toes-in-the-sand wedding destination is what you’ve always dreamed of, then look no further than Aqua Wellness Resort. This place has all the ingredients of a lovers paradise including luxury treetop villas in the jungle, private swimming pools, a delicious restaurant serving locally sourced and freshly baked delicacies, a luxurious wellness center on site for pampering and hair styling and, perhaps best of all, an absolutely private beachfront. Their on-site wedding planners are eagerly excited to turn your dreams of a seaside ceremony into a reality.

Got any more (or better) reasons to to choose Nicaragua for a destination wedding?

Let us know.