Today I decided I need to get away. Away from the hot town, away from work, away from my everyday life. Escape from concrete to green, from stone to water, from buildings to beach. I need to be where the ocean is endless and I can feel sand on my feet and salt in my hair, just sand and salt everywhere.

I just take my bikini and a surfboard, ready to go. Easy as that, keeping it simple because simple means no complications, thus more freedom and that is what I am always looking for; feeling free. I start walking along the dusty road, just a little bit of money in my pockets, so no cab to the beach. The sun is shining strong, and I am really happy to know that in Nicaragua it is a custom to offer rides when you see someone walking, even to strangers. A couple of cars pass me by without stopping, but I feel confident a ride will come. After fifteen minutes of walking, a woman with a kid on a motorcycle stops and asks me if I want a ride. Amazing! She is so nice and just as all Nicaraguan women; strong. She has been riding a motorcycle for seven years, and has never fallen with it despite some of the washed out dirt roads. She drops me off further than she needed to go, and I feel grateful for her kindness.

Just a small hill to pass and I am there; beach, bliss, pure bliss. When I get to the top of the hill I stop to catch my breath a little and breathe in the amazing view of the golden brown beach and the blue ocean. A breeze flows through my hair, and all my worries blow away. My mind just stops for a while, it relaxes. I walk downhill, and start running, I can’t wait to feel sand between my toes.

The first thing I do when I get my bum to the beach is take of my sweaty clothes and take a plunge. The salt water feels warm caressing my skin. The water is so clear and blue, I can see silver fishes everywhere. After taking a plunge I grab my board to go for a surf. Paddling out I meet schools of fish, smily people, and amazing waves. The ocean is full of energy today, the waves are big. Although I feel adrenaline coursing through my body, I feel peaceful, I feel at home. After an amazing sunset I get a goodnight sleep listening to the sound of the waves with the full moon shining brightly, lighting up the dark water. The best thing in the morning is opening your eyes and seeing and smelling the ocean. And being able to surf right away without anyone around, just you, your board and the ocean.

When rinsing the salt water off after my surf I realize I have to get back to town, I have to get back to work and leave the beloved beach. But then I realize something else; my work, my life are at the beach. I live in San Juan del Sur. My office is practically ocean front, and I can wear a bikini at work. When the waves are good in the bay I can take a surf break. I realize that I am dreaming, I live in a dream. My bum is always in the water or sun, I am a bonified beach bum!