Nicaragua - Heaven on Earth 尼加拉瓜 - 地球上的天堂

By Invitation Only: All Inclusive Package 凭请柬参加:全包套餐

PRICE: 价钱:

$2,500 - Private Room 私人房间

$2,000 - Double Occupancy 双人房


This 6 day / 5 night Tropical Nicaragua Beach & Colonial trip visit some of the most exotic coastline of Nicaragua. Lean about the various types of investment opportunities in Nicaragua including Free Trade Zone, Comercial & Residential Real Estate and more. 这6个昼/夜5尼加拉瓜热带海滩与殖民之旅参观一些尼加拉瓜的最奇特的海岸线。精益尼加拉瓜境内的各类投资机会,包括保税区,商业及住宅房地产等等。

Managua, Masaya, Granada, Tola, San Juan del Sur

Elements Hotel Managua:

Elements Hotel Boutique was created from the idea that wellness is living new experiences, connecting with something truly unique and individual. Our vision, focused on providing satisfaction through personalized service, makes each element an important part in obtaining the personality that symbolizes our brand ... making us an icon in hospitality. Elements Hb is highlighted in its Passion for Details. 元素精品酒店是从健康是生活新体验,与一些真正独特和个人连接的想法产生。我们的愿景,致力于通过人性化的服务,提供满意,让每一个元素获得象征我们的品牌...使我们在热情好客的图标个性的重要组成部分。元素血红蛋白在其激情细节突出。

Hotel Plaza Colon Granada:

Beautiful and spacious Hotel Plaza Colon across the street from Parque Central - main square in the Historical District of Granada. The hotel is set in an elegant antique colonial house that has been restored to its original style and architecture, with interior courtyards and balconies. 美丽宽敞的酒店科隆广场一街之隔中央公园 - 在格拉纳达的历史文化区主要广场。该酒店在已经恢复到其原有的风格和建筑,与室内庭院和阳台的优雅古典的殖民地房屋内。
Pelican Eyes San Juan del Sur:
Pelican Eyes Resort & Spa is located on a hillside overlooking the bay in the charming fishing village of San Juan del Sur, on the stunning Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Pelican Eyes offers a distinctive blend of gracious hospitality, local charm, unique architectural style and commitment to the community, all in a unique setting that blends harmoniously with the natural environment and local culture. 鹈鹕眼睛度假村坐落在俯瞰南圣胡安的迷人的渔村海湾的山坡上,尼加拉瓜令人惊叹的太平洋海岸。鹈鹕眼睛提供盛情款待,地域的魅力,独特的建筑风格和承诺的独特地结合到社区,都在与自然环境和当地文化和谐地融为一体的独特环境。


Private Shuttle w/ Driver 私人班车瓦特/驱动器


Tour of Managua 马那瓜之旅
Tour of Masaya Volcano 马萨亚火山之旅
Tour of Islands 海岛游
Golf/Spa at Mukul 高尔夫/温泉


Local Guide and Mandarin Translator 当地的导游和翻译普通话


Breakfast, snacks, dinner and a welcome bottle of national rum included 早餐,小吃,晚餐和列入全国糖酒会的欢迎瓶


Airfare, alcohol at restaurants or bars, tips, $10 tourism entry fee. 机票,酒精在餐厅或酒吧,技巧,$10强旅游报名费。


Day 1: Arrival 到达

Fly into Managua international airport, where a Nica.Travel representative will greet you and transfer you to Elements Hotel. We will visit the Chinese Embassy for an overview of investing in Nicaragua followed by a meeting with the bank. At night we take a tour of old Managua and enjoy a nice steak dinner. 飞入马那瓜国际机场,其中Nica.Travel代表将迎接你,你转移到元素酒店。我们将参观中国大使馆在尼加拉瓜随后与银行投资会议的概况。晚上我们就老马那瓜之旅,享受一个不错的牛排晚餐。

Day 2: Real Estate Introduction 房地产简介

After breakfast at the hotel receive an overview of various real estate buys in Managua. We will visit the Free Trade Zone, Comercial & Residential properties in Managua & Masaya. In the afternoon we visit The Masaya Volcano then head to Granada for a Spanish Style Paella Dinner. 在酒店用过早餐之后,得到的各类房地产的概述马那瓜购买。我们将参观保税区,商业及马那瓜马萨亚及住宅物业。在下午我们参观马萨亚火山然后前往格拉纳达的西班牙风格的西班牙海鲜饭晚餐。

Day 3: Island Shopping 岛购物中心

Enjoy a Nicaraguan Style Breakfast at the hotel before visiting some colonial residential properties in Granada. In the afternoon we take a boat tour and go island hopping and shopping. Dinner will be prepared by Chef Puro at the award winning, New York Times favorite, Ciudad Lounge. 在格拉纳达在访问一些殖民地住宅物业之前在酒店享用尼加拉瓜式早餐。在下午,我们乘船游览,去环岛游和购物。晚餐会由厨师普罗在屡获殊荣,纽约时报的喜爱,城休息室准备。

Day 4: Mukul 穆库尔

After breakfast we depart to Guacalito de la Isla to visit the 5 Star Luxury Golf and Spa Resort Mukul. We will take a private real estate tour of this exclusive community followed by lunch and the afternoon relaxing at the spa or enjoying the prestigious David McLay Kidd 18 hole signature golf course. After sunset we head south to San Juan del Sur for a seafood dinner at the beach. 早餐后,我们出发前往Guacalito德拉岛参观的五星级豪华高尔夫温泉度假村穆库尔。我们将以此为独家社区其次是午餐和下午的放松在温泉或享受著名的大卫·麦克莱 - 基德18洞签名高尔夫球场的私人房地产之旅。日落之后,我们向南到南圣胡安的海滩海鲜大餐。

Day 5: San Juan del Sur 南圣胡安

Breakfast is served at the hotel and after we will meet with Don Nelson Estrada to see the Greek Islands Project. The afternoon is yours to enjoy at the beach or to see other properties in the area. After an amazing sunset we depart for Managua. During your farewell dinner we will have time to recap on our trip and discuss the next steps of your investments. 早餐在酒店服务后,我们将与老尼尔森埃斯特拉达满足看希腊群岛项目。下午是你要在沙滩上享受或看到在该地区的其他属性。一个惊人的日落之后,我们出发前往马那瓜。在你的告别晚宴,我们将有时间来回顾一下我们的行程,并讨论您的投资的下一个步骤。

Day 6: Departure 离开

Depending on departure times there may be time to visit the local market for last minute gifts. Then we drop you off at Managua International Airport and discuss your return trip to see the progress of your investments. Thank you for visiting us in Nicaragua. 根据发车时间有可能是时间来参观当地市场的最后一分钟的礼物。然后,我们让你下车在马那瓜国际机场,并讨论您的回程看到您的投资进度。感谢您访问我们在尼加拉瓜。


$500 deposit reserves your seat. $500个非退还存款准备金座位。

FINAL PAYMENT Must be paid in full 15 days prior to arrival date. 最终付款必须在充分前15天抵达日期支付。

If you decide to make an investment during your trip we will fully refund the cost of your trip and use it as a payment towards the principle of your investment. 如果您决定使您的旅行期间的投资,我们将全额退还您的旅行费用,并使用它作为您投资的原则支付。

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