DIAKACHIMBA (Dee - áh - ka - cheeem - ba) - Adj. Nicaraguan slang for amazing, awesome, or the best!



Weather in Nicaragua or any other part of the world individuals, organizations and corporations need a leader to follow. What does it take to be a leader? Doing things differently, being odd or weird at times, going against the grain and often times walking down roads where nobody else is willing to go. Diakachimba is more than just a brand, it is an attitude and a Nicaraguan Spirit that shows others right from wrong. Through unconventional tactics Diakachimba!® has created a following of passionate and proud Nicaraguans and international followers who are following our example to better their country and educate their peers along the way. With a name like Diakachimba!® we implement our campaigns in the coolest ways possible resulting in a loyal following, love for the community and their love for us. You too can set a positive example for others to follow. You too can be Diakachimba!®


As a responsibly focused tour operator, NicaTravel is proud to support Diakachimba as our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We not only strive to lead and set an example but we strive to practice business with legal integrity. For this reason our staff is outfitted with local Nicaraguans and their families. We are a legally registered business entity in Nicaragua and USA. We pay taxes in each respective country and operate under the legalities of each nation. In addition to operating tours with legal and professionalism we fee it is our responsibility to properly educate tourists both national and foreign about the danders of unsustainable tourism. Exposure to the local ways of life and culture is one of our main objectives, thus creating a vaction through submergion and reflection. Once we as human beings have  had the opportunity to touch the hearts others we begin to truly understand and care about our surroundings. By making this kind of a spiritual and emotional connection with our travelers while visiting Nicaragua we know they will return home with a new perspective, one thats more open, one thats more inspired, one thats more aware, and one thats more inclined to give back and help our sustainable efforts.


Creating a good example and living by it is just the beginning. For centuries we have all heard the saying, "Actions speak louder than words" and we believe this to be true. Therefore instead of just talking about CSR, we are making moves and getting it done. We actively coordinate and participate in:

  • Clean Ups - Cleanups are a great way to get the community involved with volunteering to create a change.
  • Recycling - Recycling shows us ways to un-think, re-think, and learn new ways and create new behaviors.
  • Reforestation - Reforestation projects help us to realize what we all ready have and how to protect it long term.
  • Medical Brigades - Medical missions serves as teaching and education for local medical staff while serving the community.
  • Donations - Donating is just the first step. Then comes the distribution of the donated items.
  • Education - Education for future generations to take over when we are gone is essential for sustainability.

If you are talking about CSR, Diakachimba!® Actions is just what you need.  Let us help you put your ideas into practice and rally volunteers. If you are all ready taking action please allow us to help. Aligning for the better of our earth and for the better of humanity is no competition.


Join the Change Today and Contact us to Coordinate Your Next Diakachimba!® Action


To do what we do and give back to the communities in more than one way requires a genuine and authentic heart. Our Nicaraguan DNA runs deeply through our veigns and we know first hand about the struggle and challenges of life for those less fortunate living in Nicaragua. We know that our efforts alone will hardly make an impact or change the financial limitations of people and that is exactly why we need your help to protect and serve those around us. It doesn't matter what financial status you have, what color your skin, what level of education you completed or where you come from, Diakachimba!® is one love for all. Whenever you love something unconditionally the universal principles are hard at work attracting others who are like minded and placing them in your life's path. We hope to meet you soon.

Diakachimba!® The Proud Corporate Social Responsibility of International Tours Alliance, S.A. & NicaTravel