Everybody knows I am in love with anything Latin America. But those who have the privilege of talking to me, quickly find out I have an obsession for Nicaragua. I have been there 3 times, and I hope there will be a fourth and a fifth one. Yes, it is my favourite country in Central America, so much so that when people contact me to ask about other countries such as Costa Rica or Panama, I end up suggesting that they visit Nicaragua instead.
What makes it so special to me? It simply is an amazing country, that has so much to offer to travellers. Beautiful colonial cities

The cathedral of Leon, view from the Museo de la Revolucion
A turbulent yet fascinating history

Murales inside the Museo de la Revolucion, Leon
Incredible nature and wildlife.

Pancho lives on one of Las Isletas, near Granada
Lakes and volcanoes.

On top of Volcano Masaya – photo courtesy of George Kenyon
Amazing beaches.

The beach of Las Peñitas, on the Pacific Ocean
Kind and warm people.

People in Nicaragua are always welcoming – photo courtesy of George Kenyon
And, something that backpackers should never underestimate, Nicaragua is still unspoilt by mass tourism (but hurry! This will change, it is such an incredible place), it is very safe to travel even for solo female travellers, and it actually is the cheapest country in the continent: your dollar can get you a long way here.
If you are not convinced yet, then perhaps these amazing sunsets will do the trick and prove it is time to plan your next trip to Nicaragua.

Granada and Las Isletas:

Anybody travelling to Nicaragua will take a side in the local argument over which city is better, Leon or Granada? Many will say colonial Granada is the prettiest one. I must admit my heart beats for Leon, but the most touristic destination in the country is indeed picture perfect, and the waterfront of Lake Granada or a boat ride across Las Isletas offer fantastic opportunities to photography lovers.

Fishermen search their load at sunset in Las Isletas

Views of volcanoes and sunsets even better when on board a boat at Las Isletas

Poneloya and Las Peñitas

A half hour ride on a chicken bus from Suyapa, Leon, these two beaches are more than a surfer’s paradise. Lay in the sun, challenge the waves, go for a walk, enjoy a cold beer and by all means, do not miss the amazing Pacific sunset.

In search of the perfect wave at Las Peñitas

Las Peñitas sunsets are so pretty!

Volcan Cerro Negro

About one hour drive from Leon, Cerro Negro is a great, short and windy hike. You can practice volcano boarding here and get covered in sand. And, let’s not forget that the view from the top is simply stunning.

The view from Cerro Negro is simply stunning

A splendid sunset from Cerro Negro – can you see the rain in the distance?

Isla de Ometepe

Located in Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe is an 8 shaped island which, despite the presence of two active volcanoes, is peaceful, remote, and offers great hikes, wildlife and spectacular views.

Volcano Madera is only one of the two volcanoes of Ometepe

Little Corn Island

Whether you like relaxing under the Caribbean sun, snorkelling in the clear waters, diving or just want to walk around to explore the island, Isla de Maiz won’t disappoint you. And here, you can be treated to a beautiful, almost stereotypical sunset.

Sunset at Corn Island – photo courtesy of Nomad Kiwis
Stay tuned for more posts on Nicaragua!