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2 day, 2 night Timber & Coconut Discovery Tours.

The cost of the Timber & Coconut Discovery Tour is the best price around… FREE!

Come join us for a memorable experience!

Here’s what your visit with us will include:

Our 2 day, “Discovery Tour” is simply the best way to check out Nicaragua and the growing timber and agriculture industry. Demand is high for our tours and space is limited, so check with us before making any travel arrangements to Nicaragua. You book your flight, you book your choice of hotel, and we’ll do the rest. In all cases you will want to fly into the Managua, Nicaragua International Airport (MGA airport code). Our plantation areas are a 2 hour drive from the Managua airport and our discovery tour includes meeting you at the Camino Real Hotel, and helping you make return ground transportation requirements back to the airport. We have great food here in the San Juan Del Sur area (where the plantations are) and if you choose to dine with us you won’t be disappointed.

When visiting our plantations please be mindful that some areas have steep terrain. If you have trouble walking or hiking then you may want to stay in our vehicles, as you’ll still be able to see much of what everyone else will see. If you are an adventurous type, you will be able to explore and really get a chance to see a lot of trees up close throughout the plantations. Please view our release of liability before signing up for any of our tours.

We do have some flexibility on how to visit us and we do try to offer one day showings. We get many requests from people who visit the area and who are interested in a one day tour. We understand that sometimes two days and two nights may be more time than those with busy schedules can spend away. We will gladly work out a time frame to accommodate a one day tour. Please contact us directly and we will make arrangements accordingly.


Managua Augusto Sandino International Airport (MGA) serves the Central American country of Nicaragua and its capital city Managua. Managed by EAAI, it is considered one of the best and most modern airports in Central America–thanks to extensive renovation and extension projects completed in the last decade.

When traveling outside the USA, you need a valid passport with at least six months remaining before it expires. There is a one time entrance tax into Nicaragua of $10, which they collect at the airport. If your Timber Discovery Tour is between the months of February and May, you will be visiting Nicaragua during the dry season and temperatures can easily reach 90 degrees and warmer. Please be sure to bring a hat, shorts, and sun tan lotion. From June to November we receive our rains and while sometimes the storms can be large, things dry out pretty quickly as soon as the sun shines again.

Flights from the USA can be purchased through:

www.spirit.com Out of Fort Lauderdale, FL
www.avianca.com Out of Los Angeles, Ca, Miami, FL, and Washington DC
www.united.com Out of Houston, TX
www.aa.com Out of Miami, FL
www.delta.com Out of Atlanta, GA

Please contact us if we can help with any arrangements.
Policies for visiting We have developed the following visitor policies to ensure each guest gets a good opportunity to view the timber land opportunity without distraction. 1. Try to book your Discovery Tour early to avoid disappointment because the availability is limited. 2. Even though Nicaragua is a great family vacation and adventure location, we do not recommend bringing children on the Discovery Tour. 3. Cancellation policies vary with the different hotels and transportation so, if your plans change, please be sure to cancel your arrangements with those companies you have conducted business with. 4. All travel expenses to the Managua International Airport (airport code is MGA) are to be paid by the Guest. 5. At this time unfortunately not all the locations the tour visits are handicapped accessible

Webinar Presentations: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFNeJ0V3CXIqFJfwAgA2Hxw

THIS TOUR IS FREE. IF YOU WISH TO STAY ADDITIONAL DAYS YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM THESE ADD ON OPTIONS: https://itaglobal.rezdy.com/162912/precious-timber-add-on-package

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 213.293.6422 or email travel@itaglobal.com.