Everyone remembers their firsts…the first time you kiss, the first time you surf, or the first time you fall in love. What makes a memory strong is not only the sounds, taste or images, it is also the feeling in your stomach which is created by all your senses and emotions. Falling in love is basically a perfect synergy of your senses colliding and melting into a perfect shape. If you remember that first time you can relive it by smelling the same smells or hearing the same sounds as the moment you had experienced it the first time.

The first time we fall in love it’s definitely love at first sight, although we don’t realize it right away. First the feeling is awkward, it takes some getting used too; the change of climate, the scenery and noises. We feel uncomfortable in our own skin, as the hot sweaty air brushes our silky skin. A salty wind blows through our hair, and the loud noises in the streets full of people yelling and cars honking make us uneasy. Personal space is taken to a smaller level, and patience is our new motto. To fall in love we have to become patience, through good times and bad.

It wasn’t easy at first, as the hot air filled our lungs with another kind of energy. An energy with an edge of lazy. But when it did, we relaxed, kicked back and enjoyed the ride; through jungle and green emerald mountains. Winding down dusty roads waiting to take us to unknown destinations. Every gaze made us want more and gave a feeling like we could not get enough ever of this view. An itch that can never be soothed, a fire that started slow but sure and has an eternal burn. And when we looked into the dark earthy tones and deep blue waters we saw endless love.

It was crystal clear when we looked back on our faces in the pictures we saw later, as we from SurfNicaWaves realized we had fallen in love. We had fallen in love with the fairest country of the world, that stands out to us with all its smells, sounds colors to prickle our senses; Nicaragua. Te amamos nuestra Nicaraguita linda! May you ever stay your beautiful self, and get everyone lovestruck as soon as foot touches ground.