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North Caribbean Autonomous Region (Spanish: Región Autónoma Caribe Norte), sometimes shortened to RACN, or RACCN (for North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region), or RAAN (for its former name of Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte) is one of two autonomous regions in Nicaragua. It covers an area of 32,159 km² and has a population of 249,700 (2005 census). It is the largest autonomous region or department in Nicaragua. The capital is Puerto Cabezas. It contains part of the region known as the Mosquito Coast.


The RACCN has a Regional Council made up of representatives of different political parties (such as the Sandinistas (FSLN), YATAMA (ethnic indigenous party), and others) as well as all the municipalities. They hold sessions in an Assembly in Puerto Cabezas.

The RACCN, in addition to Mestizos, contains populations from different indigenous groups, including the MiskitosMayangnas, and Creoles.



 In 1986 it was joined with the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region Department of Zelaya .


It has 32,159 sq km being the second largest in Central America territory, after sub - national entity Peten in Guatemala, and a population of 249,700 inhabitants ( 2005 ). In its coast are the Miskito Keys .


The Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast (RACCN) is located in territory Miskito, being Bilwi his departmental head; bawihka word of origin that means snake eye. The Miskito were peoples who inhabited the area of Matagalpa and who were forced to emigrate to the East when they came into conflict with the Spanish. The population is distributed as follows: 72.3% is Miskito, 21.7% is of mixed descent, 5.7% of Creole origin and 0.3% is Mayagna. the English, Spanish and Creole speaking Miskito. It is the region where most speak the Miskito language .


Tourist attractions

Among the tourist sites are nature reserves as the Cayos Miskitos and Bosawás Biosphere Reserve. In Waspán the country's largest river, the Coco River, which runs through almost all of Nicaragua. The RACCN is suitable for eco-tourism, adventure tourism and community tourism.



The RACCN contains eight municipalities:

  1. Bonanza

  2. Prinzapolka

  3. Puerto Cabezas

  4. Rosita

  5. Siuna

  6. Waslala

  7. Waspam

  8. Mulukuku


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